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Y̴͠͞OU͘͟͜’̶D̷ ͜ B͜Ȩ͞T̀͏͞TÉR  ̢R̨U̵͝N҉

HOTBLOOD! @8tracks: SPIKE IN A RAIL by starlock.

(I combined every Hotblood! mix into one for a more streamlined and cool listening experience. Please enjoy~)

none of the competent people in my comic get any screentime


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Another new character and some unfortunate information. Feng is yet another resident of Larkspur who has No Time for This Shit




inkblazers mirror



WOW HOT DANG as of today, 4/15/14, Hotblood! has been running for eight entire months! I have yet to cease being shocked at the continued love and support I receive from everyone, and I doubt I’ll get used to it any time soon. Thank you!! (´ ▽`).。o♡

Also importantly: for those of you who missed the preorder or weren’t able to make it to Anime Boston, Emerald City, or MoCCA– Hotblood! Volume 1 now available to purchase on my storenvy!


Yo!! If you weren’t able to get to Anime Boston, Emerald City, or MoCCA Fest, now’s your chance to grab some sweet merch~ Notably, I have about a hundred copies of HOTBLOOD! VOLUME 1 still floating around! I’ve gotten lots of messages over the past few weeks asking when it’ll be available for purchase, so I’m pleased to announce that it’s finally online! 

Also, if you’re interested in supporting me or the comic, my Patreon campaign is always running!




This was, without a doubt, the best con I’ve ever done, for just about every reason you could possibly imagine! I can’t believe how many incredible people I had the chance to talk to, or how many shiny new comics I now own ;v; Thank you to everyone who stopped by, and especially to those of you who I had the honor to trade with!!

Without further ado, here’s my attempt at linking out this dragon hoard (in no particular order) under the cut:

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Today on Hotblood!: some questions are better left unanswered (for now, at least). 

I’m home at last and Three Con Hell is officially 100% done!! I’m looking forward to getting BACK TO WORK, over the next few weeks I’ll be doing a number of Cool freelance projects, replenishing my buffer, and preparing for TCAF in May~