Yo, I'm Toril! I'm an independent comic artist currently living in New England alongside two bicycles and several plants.

Hotblood! is a webcomic about centaurs in the Old West. It updates every week, Tues&Thurs at 12AM EST.

STRANGE STAR COMICS is a collaborative partnership between myself & StrangelyKatie. Our upcoming first project is Mahou Shounen Breakfast Club, a slice-of-life/romance about a bunch of voice actors in contemporary Tokyo.

Next con: MICE (Cambridge, MA)

This weekend I was lucky enough to work with the greatest tiny dev team ever for Global Game Jam 2013 @MIT! We set out to create a game that could raise awareness of street harassment (regardless of the race, gender, sexuality, or religion of the victim) and the creation of unsafe (and safe) places and behaviors. And we succeeded! There are still several minor tweaks we need to implement but we are super excited about Field of View. You can read more about the project and our team here or play the game.  We now have support for Firefox and Chrome!! I also definitely suggest putting on headphones.


PS. If you play and encounter a bug (surprising feature?) then let me know ASAP and I’ll pass it on to the programmers!

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