Yo, I'm Toril! I'm an independent comic artist currently living in New England alongside two bicycles and several plants.

Hotblood! is a webcomic about centaurs in the Old West. It updates every week, Tues&Thurs at 12AM EST.

STRANGE STAR COMICS is a collaborative partnership between myself & StrangelyKatie. Our upcoming first project is Mahou Shounen Breakfast Club, a slice-of-life/romance about a bunch of voice actors in contemporary Tokyo.

Next con: MICE (Cambridge, MA)

my writing ability is limited to awkward conversations and innuendo but ONE DAY I’LL TRY ACTION I promise things will actually happen it’ll be great. or hilariously bad, one way or another. 

the real secret that’s being revealed here is that I go totally chinhands for dumb romance subplots sigh 

comics are one of the things that I completely adore making even though I’m not great at it at all because I learn so much EVERY TIME as opposed to animation where I am bored to death always yep that’s my rant for the day.

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