Yo, I'm Toril! I'm an independent comic artist currently living in New England alongside two bicycles and several plants.

Hotblood! is a webcomic about centaurs in the Old West. It updates every week, Tues&Thurs at 12AM EST.

STRANGE STAR COMICS is a collaborative partnership between myself & StrangelyKatie. Our upcoming first project is Mahou Shounen Breakfast Club, a slice-of-life/romance about a bunch of voice actors in contemporary Tokyo.

Next con: MICE (Cambridge, MA)

maya environment take two! I just. love simple shapes and sharp geometry, you guys.

there’s something about the painstakingly precise nature of adjusting polygons that I enjoy way more than I probably should, because I still have absolutely no clue what I’m doing.

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  2. wittywhim said: I stared at this for a few minutes! The suspense in the composition is great, man I gotta learn maya like now now.
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  7. thesilentgrove said: It reminds me a lot of sword and sworcery actually! I think it’s a great start. I love manipulating polygons. Right now I’m doing an environment in ZBrush and it’s so scary lol
  8. thisisfortherandom said: maya’s fun to play with :) this looks nice!
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