Yo, I'm Toril! I'm an independent comic artist currently living in New England alongside two bicycles and several plants.

Hotblood! is a webcomic about centaurs in the Old West. It updates every week, Tues&Thurs at 12AM EST.

STRANGE STAR COMICS is a collaborative partnership between myself & StrangelyKatie. Our upcoming first project is Mahou Shounen Breakfast Club, a slice-of-life/romance about a bunch of voice actors in contemporary Tokyo.

Next con: MICE (Cambridge, MA)

character design was difficult this week because my mind kept telling me it was titan ae fanart time

no but really

the assignment was to research and appropriate a nonwestern culture to create a protagonist and antagonist without playing dress-up with the traditional clothing of that culture. I went as far back as I could think of (Sumer and the Akkadian Empire) so I wouldn’t feel like as much of an ignorant jerk for screwing around with it??

but basically after researching and sketching forever I overthought it and ended up throwing patterns everywhere. I’m only happy with these because they remind me that I really need to finish Ico

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